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Main Product


|  Features of the product

  • Increased productivity : Easy and Fast Assembly as a sleeve type/tightening type, not clamp type is used
  • Saves Material Cost : Roller + Sleeve or JOIMRING Structure; Saves 20~30% of the cost, such as Loss Expense of conventional board or Sewing Manufacture
  • Quality Improvement : Based on Perpendicularity Ø250 
     - Board Workpiece : About 1.2mm
     - Injection Processed Products : About 0.75mm
  • Increased Productivity : Capa/Weekly 
     - Board Processed Products : 1000EA (Based on Ø180)
     - Injection Processed Products : 2000EA (Based on Ø250)
  • Light Roller : Improves Shaft A'ssy Loosening due to weight, saves about 30% of the weight
  • Able to manufacture injection rollers with specific surface resistance on the client’s request
    -  10^4~10^5 for OLED / 10^6~10^9 for LCD
    -  Used by many clients, including BOE, CSOT, SHARP, etc.
  • One Stop Production Management : Improving client satisfaction by building a general control tower of Material Development, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Packaging. (Surface Resistance Value Failure Rate of Injection Products decreased by 30% on panel/sewing products

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