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Main Product

Injection type water meter

|  Features of the product

  • Materials replaced with the currently used reinforced plastic, a 20-30% cost reduction over existing materials
  • Products were discovered as containing lead in amounts that exceed the 0.85% criteria (by 2.55% or more)
    -  WangSung improved lead containing products to zero after replacing the materials with reinforced plastic
  • Tensile strength ↑ compared to existing (activities), working pressure ↑, danger of freezing and bursting ↓ (presently pending severe testing at -40℃)
  • Water meters are used in Korea and many other countries. In particular, existing water gauge meters are made of brass which puts them at high risk of threat in developing countries
    -  Our companies water gauge meters face a very low risk of being stolen as they are made with a resin material

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